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Since 1984, Gigablock has been world wide supplier for Top quality blank media product for Data storage and media recording.

We have been doing business with blank recording media industry, including DVD duplicator, and computer accessories retailers and distributors in North and South America, including Asian countries for bulk and also OEM packaged product.

The product we carry is all type of CD-R and DVD-R media products, media packaging. Not only for budget priced Gigablock bulk product, we do carry name brand products, LG CD-R and DVD-R media product. With reliable quality and trouble free products, and also its competitive pricing, you can enjoy Gigablock products for your most efficient line up.

Although, the business portion we have on Blank media product is one of our main selling streams, we are also lineing up lot of new gadgets for computer and printer related accessories such as Portable Solar battery charger, Laptop cooling stands, wireless mouse & keyboards, and Continuous Ink system.

Now our business is significantly booming with the new products that we are offering.

For dealers, feel free to contact us any time regarding questions or concerns by:

Phone: 562-404-8027
Fax: 562-404-8097
E-mail: sales@gigablockshop.com

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